November 4, 2014

DIY: Fall Tablescape Touches with Vagabond House

This post has been sponsored by Vagabond House, but all opinions and ideas are my own.

I'm delighted to share with you some easy tablescape touches for your place settings, fall decor or your Thanksgiving feast. I've also included some of my favorite pieces from Vagabond House - so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

It's so easy to set-up a simple, rustic fall tablescape. You just need a few key ingredients - wood, burlap and some gold touches (or maybe another color you'd like?).  

Let me break down how easy it is to make this place setting:

For the leaves, it's easy to sketch a pattern and cut it out by hand, or get a free pattern online (there are tons I tell you), print and cut it. If you're doing a ton of them, it would be handy to have a die-cutter on hand to make them. 

Write the names of your guests on the leaves - if you aren't comfortable with your handwriting, it helps to write it with a pencil first before going over it with ink. Alternatively, you can use gold ink instead of black to add to the gold accents on your table.

It is soooooo easy to make these fall picks! You just need berries, decorative gold sprigs and burlap. I found the berries at Target and the gold sprigs at Dollar Tree (I dismantled one of the Christmas picks they had just to get the gold sprigs). 

Arrange them, and wrap the stalks with some burlap. Glue the edge of the burlap to prevent unraveling. 

Lastly, you need a napkin ring - I chose this pewter acorn and oak leaf napkin ring from Vagabond House at it can easily be dressed up for Christmas as well. 

Insert your napkin into the ring, and then insert your fall pick and finally the leaf place card holder. And you are done! Now let me show you other things I have found at Vagabond House to accentuate your tablescape:

This pewter white oak plate is perfect as a candy dish or a condiment dish. It can easily transition as Christmas decor as well, or even serve as a jewelry dish for your lovely adornments. 

Now onto one of my two favorite pieces - here is my AMAZING cake stand. Well, it's supposed to be a cheese stand, but it can serve a lot of purposes - as you can see here. I love using it as a cake/dessert stand instead and it's pretty big too. It's pictured here with my favorite lemon tart from Trader Joes. I guess the tart is about 8", so it has plenty of room for bigger cakes, and tiered cakes as well. It's the perfect woodland accent to a rustic wedding!

Look at the detail on this little guy! It's just so cool. This must be the most-loved cake stand I have in my collection of cake stands. 

Here's my next favorite - an elk liquor decanter. I must say this is one unique piece that I'll treasure forever. I know liquor bottles look fancy in the first place, but this one just takes it up by a really big notch. 

Again, the detail is fantastic. I can say it's a great gift for a guy who enjoys hunting/liquor/woodland items. There are a ton of those, right? I know a few. :) I chose these pieces because I wanted fun, unique conversation-starting pieces in my home. Vagabond House has a ton of unique pieces - it took me a long time to choose which ones I liked the most. 

With a vision of what you like and the right decor, it's so easy to set up a simple, rustic tablescape for your Thanksgiving dinner or any other gathering. Need more inspiration? Here are other awesome ones you can gawk at for your tablescaping needs:

Peacock Salt Cellars, Pink Salt and a Picnic from A Nest for All Seasons

As always, have fun! :)


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL aki! That elk decanter is AWESOME.

  2. i love DIY's and this ones amazing and creative. looking forward to all the stuff you will be posting because i like your very content. keep up the good work and tc!!!


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