April 13, 2016

DIY: #Adulting Canvas Bag

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own. :)

Everyone who knows me know that I am a fontaholic - to the point where my husband shakes his head everytime I we're out and I tell him 'I know that font!'. I definitely have more than a handful, and I play favorites every now and then. When I received a ton of fonts from Fontbundles.Net, Overture quickly became one of my flavors of the month. I had to whip up this bag for myself to hold my groceries (I know I've made a ton but one can never have enough, right?)

adulting right now canvas bag main

Why #adulting for my latest grocery bag? Well, it's a joke between my husband and I. The first time we had to buy toilet paper together, we were like 'We're so adulting right now'. So yeah, we say it now everytime we do some grocery-shopping. 

ironing canvas bag

Iron your canvas bag. Take out the kinks and folded lines by using the 'Steam' option on your iron.

weeding heat transfer vinyl

If you have a Silhouette, type your word onto Silhouette Studio, weld the letters together and size to your preferred width. I wanted a big print, so I sized mine around 12" wide. I also selected the no-mat option as I wasn't going to use a mat to cut my heat transfer. Feed the heat transfer material glossy side down, and then weed by removing the negative parts of the image when you are done. 

You can still do this! Type your word onto Microsoft word, resize as big as how you would like your word to be, print and then cut around. Use this template and trace onto the heat transfer (making sure you are tracing on the right side of the heat transfer so your letters come out in the right direction).

centering text on bag

I was feeling fancy so I used Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl for my #adulting bag... and then it got even fancier when I added some more words in Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl!

black glitter gold heat transfer bag

I played around with the font on Adobe Illustrator and tweaked it so it to lay right with the other words. When you're done - lay out the words to see if they fit right. I love a good handwritten look and this definitely tickles my fancy!

ironing heat transfer vinyl on bag

Center it on the bag and iron or press. Peel off the backing and you are done!

hand holding grocery bag

grocery bag funny close up

grocery bag cute adulting right now

I definitely love how this one turned out! Black and glitter gold go so well together and I am in love. The extra texture that the flocking brings to the table is just awesome - velvety to the touch. And of course, Overture is amazing! 

And a bonus for my readers only - get a discount when you buy any font or bundle on Fontbundles.Net with coupon code STRAWBERRY10! Check out weekly deals and freebies for fonts over at Fontbundles.Net (I totally love Crafter's Revolution that's expiring tomorrow - grab it while you can!). Are you a fontaholic?

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  1. These are some really lovely bags and easy to made as well. Thanks for sharing it, will give it a try to make at home


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